This is what a conservative looks like.

It’s time to shatter stereotypes.


The #ShesConservative campaign shatters stereotypes about what young women believe today. It is time for young women to stop hiding their conservative views and proudly exclaim, “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like.”  Below are the faces of conservatism. Click on the “Meet the Women” images to meet some college women who submitted essays as to their experiences as conservatives on campus. Only by speaking out will more women learn the benefits of conservative principles. Share your story on social media with the hashtag #ShesConservative or submit your story below.

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Meet the Women

Hope Noe
Marian University
Ella Biggins
University of South Florida
Emily Hall
Harvard University
Reagan High
Western Carolina University
Jessica Martinez
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Tiffany Cahill
Florida Gulf Coast University
Vanessa Rivera
Florida Gulf Coast University
Ashley Sheek
Western Carolina University
Antonia Okafor
Carollton, Texas
Emmaline Smith
North Carolina State University
Paige Lisicki
American University
Alexandra Torres
American University
Emma Harrison
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michelle Verkhoglaz
Boston University
Sarah Dezelin
University of Connecticut
Peyton Smith
American University
Jennifer Barber
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Krista Chavez
American University
Clare Clifford
State University of New York at New Paltz
Ruth Ann Barger
University of Alabama
Elizabeth Minneman
Washington, DC
Sydney Berman
Boston University
Katelyn Carafano
Washington, DC
Gabrielle Nelson
George Mason University
Natasha Tax
Temple University
Nickie Deahl
George Mason University
Bailey Wayland
George Mason University
Reagan McCarthy
Penn State University
Emma Thatcher
Orlando, FL
Angela Morabito
Washington, DC
Samantha Audia
Arlington, VA
Rachel Jones
New York, NY
Rebecca Malone
American University
Lauren Cooley
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Gabrielle Ickert
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Amanda Spence
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Elizabeth Bradford
Florida State University
Loriann Brown
Bainbridge, GA
Rachel Glendenning
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Madison Brooks
Charlotte, NC
Brianna Cicero
Temple University


We’re proud of the strong conservative women who have joined our #ShesConservative movement.

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