This is what a conservative looks like.

It’s time to shatter stereotypes.

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The #ShesConservative campaign shatters stereotypes about what young women believe today and what a conservative looks like. It is time for young women to stop hiding their conservative views and proudly exclaim, “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like.”

Check out our new book She’s Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses, which highlights how young conservative women face trials on campus. The women showcased in the book overcame these challenges to become stronger, wiser, and more courageous.

Additionally, below are the faces of conservatism. Click on the images to meet some young women who have submitted essays as to why they are conservative. Only by speaking out will more women learn the benefits of conservative principles.

Read more about the #ShesConservative campaign in CosmoForbes, and the Washington Examiner.

For general inquiries, email info@enlightenedwomen.org.


We’re proud of the strong conservative women who have joined our #ShesConservative movement.

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This is what a conservative looks like at Harvard

-Emily Hall, New Boston Post






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