Andrea Maldonado

Stepping into the highly liberal climate of my college campus freshman year I was presented with some challenges that I never expected. As a conservative woman I quickly realized that my opinion was automatically regarded as incorrect or at the very least uninformed. From professors and their snide in-class comments to the brazen judgements of other students, it was made very clear that a conservative opinion was not welcome. It blew my mind that a community full of such diverse and intellectual individuals could only support a limited range of views. My college experience has given me the opportunity to focus extensively on my values and specifically they are important to me.

I am a proud conservative woman because I believe in the individual liberties that conservatism can offer to all Americans. It gives me the ability purse whatever I desire without the government intervening. When considering the future of our nation, the opportunities offered through free markets and limited government are very inspiring. I feel that conservatism offers the greatest opportunity for both collective and individual prosperity.

The Network of Enlightened Women has provided a community of strong, educated, and inspiring like-minded women. The opportunity to openly discuss my opinions with other women has been extremely empowering and I am greatly thankful for it.


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