Gabrielle Nelson

George Mason University

When I first began university, I had no interest in politics, policy, or getting into any heated debates with other people on current issues. However, as I started to get more involved on campus, I found myself disagreeing with a lot of things my fellow, liberal students were saying. I did not believe that some of the tactics being used to get their point across so blatantly were necessary, but instead made me feel as though my opinions and views were wrong. College is supposed to be a place of diversity, open-mindedness, and intellectual discussions. But when a student feels like their view is being attacked, it is clear that the open-mindedness only extends so far.

Network of enlightened Women gave me a place where I could openly express my views without being told I was ignorant. It also became a space where those with views opposing my own could come and we could discuss issues in an educated, respectful manner. Today’s media constantly bombards us with negative views of what it means to be a conservative. We are redefining that stereotype one conservative at a time.


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