Sarah Blake

West Essex Regional High School

In 1770s and 1780s our country was being built on hard-working men, who would do anything to get their freedom. If these men didn’t work hard our beloved country would still be colonies of England today. Our founding fathers build this nation on their hard-working and limited government intervention into it’s citizens personal lives. These men are the very men who had to work hard to be able to succeed in building the foundation of our government and gain the freedom they deserved.

What concerns me the most about the liberals of today is that they want everything to be shared. They believe that things should be handed to everyone whether they do their part or not. My belief is that we need to teach people to work for themselves. The saying if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish then he will eat for a lifetime certainly applies to life. People need to know how to work or do some sort of trade if they expect to earn money.

What I am seeing in today’s government is that it’s interfering in what people need to do themselves and handing them things. An example of this is Obamacare. The government is giving insurance to people off the streets in which the ordinary taxpayer is paying for that person’s insurance. This type of program is promoting laziness while the harding working people have to work even harder to get the money to pay for their own things as well.

Welfare promotes the same thing. In order to claim their welfare checks they should be cleaning up the garbage along the highways. Welfare recipients should also be required to drug tests and if they fail they shouldn’t be allowed to receive their money. There so definitely be less government intervention into telling us what to do or not to do.

Currently it is tough being a conservative woman, especially for myself. I support that the environment needs to be saved, and I am a major performing artist, but I identify myself as a conservative and republican. In my high school there are numerous women that are strong liberals, numerous which are my friends. My friends and I get into serious debates about topics but no matter what they say I stick to my gut. These liberals just want handouts, they don’t want to work hard.

This relates strongly to my life. I work extremely hard to receive the grades I earn. I study for hours each night, staying up until one am most nights. If the government was in charge of my grades they would give half of my test grade to the student who didn’t study at all. For example if I were to get a 100 on a test, the government would take a portion of my grade and give it to the student who get a 40 or 50 on the test. I relate this to someone working hard, paying taxes, but then part of that money goes to someone who doesn’t work at all.

My conservative role model today is Condoleezza Rice. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama, she was raised in the south and had to live through childhood being racially segregated. Now you would think she would be a liberal as the democrats are the party of Civil Rights but stuck with her conservative ways. She didn’t let segregation stand in her way, and worked hard to achieve the things she is doing today. She was the 2nd woman and 1st African American woman to become Secretary of State’s. She now currently a Political Science Professor at Stanford University. She wouldn’t be doing these things if she didn’t work hard to accomplish them.

I haven’t read her novel Democracy yet, but I am looking forward to reading it in the near future. In this novel she wrote stories about the Long Road she took to get her freedom, and become the role model she is today.

I am proud to be a conservative woman because I am working hard for what I deserve. I am not protesting for my rights to just be given to me but I am working hard to get paid the same as male counterparts. Those who protest for equal rights are taking time out of working, where their male counterparts are still working to protest the pay. I will still be working just as hard as my male counterparts and that is when the pay will be even between the genders.

So, while I want to be able to help those who have a hard time supporting for their families, the best way to do it is to teach them something so that they can go out there and join the workforce. The country needs to teach these people that things aren’t just going to be given to them, they need to work for what they deserve. I remember a teacher from my Freshman year of High School telling my history class that our grades are reflective of the work we put into the class. A grade isn’t going to be handed to you just because you are being a teacher’s pet, a grade is given based on the work you put in. The same thing should be done within our country. If the government continues to give out the handouts I am fearful of what will become of our country.


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