Opportunity Feminism: Bridging the Gap Between Girlbosses and Tradwives

Modern feminism pushes women to be career-oriented girlbosses. The tradwives social media movement encourages women to be stay-at-home moms who don’t work outside the home. Yet a majority of women with small children prefer part-time work and place greater value on flexibility. What if there was a brand of feminism which advocated for that majority of women and for women to make their own decisions on how to structure their lives? In this course, you will learn how to make the case for Opportunity Feminism and policies that give women what they want—the flexibility to build the work-life set-up that works best for their priorities. The government shouldn’t put its weight on the scale for one vision of what women should be.  

Apply to participate in this exclusive three-month leadership course to learn about Opportunity Feminism, a new brand of feminism which seeks to maximize freedom so women can build the fulfilling and meaningful lives they want. You will hear directly from women leaders. You will have the opportunity to be mentored on how to become an effective advocate for conservative ideas through training on persuasion and communications techniques. By becoming more educated on conservative public policy proposals, you will finish the course able to confidently speak up for your views and provide an alternative vision for women. 

This course will be conducted via Zoom. Participants will be required to attend five of the six sessions. In addition to growing your network of top conservative women leaders and learning how to advocate for conservative policies, course participants get great extra benefits including: 

  • A free sticker pack upon applying and attending the first session 
  • The chance to sign-up for a one-on-one career or internship conversation with a NeW senior staff member 
  • A letter of recommendation based on your performance and language to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile 
  • A copy of Dana Perino’s book, Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a former Young Woman)  
  • A certificate of completion 

Participants will have the opportunity to write an op-ed for publication or blog post (optional). Here are two of the pieces that were published last year, Other states should follow Michigan’s lead on occupational licensing reform and The Gender Wage Gap: Fact or Fiction? This course is not offered for college credit.

Fall 2023 sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and include discussions with women leaders in the conservative movement. The course is open to college students and professionals who are paid members. You can join NeW here. 

Session One (September 6, 2023): What Does Being a Working Mom Look Like on a Daily Basis? How Policies Impact How Mothers Structure their Lives

Session Two (September 20, 2023): Conservative Feminism: How Conservative Policies Can Give Women a Life They Love 

Session Three (October 4, 2023): The Art of Persuasion: How to Make the Case for Conservative Policies (Workshop) 

Session Four (October 18, 2023):
In the Halls of Power: How to Advocate for Changes at the Federal Level

Session Five (November 1, 2023): Leading with Purpose and Passion: Skills to Help You Grow as a Leader (Capstone session) 

Session Six (November 15, 2023): Politics is Local: Looking Beyond the Federal Government (Guest Speaker: Christina Sandefur)

Applications for Fall 2024 will open in late summer. Check back in July for updates.


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