Mia Steupert

Emmanuel College

Before attending college, I had never really been interested in aligning my political views with a certain side on the political spectrum. I always had a strong moral code that often was in contradiction with the liberal pop culture revolution of the last two decades but I did not see the connection between my moral/religious/ethical beliefs and conservatism. Not until college when my personal beliefs were challenged by a liberal administration, faculty, and student body did I realize my personal beliefs went hand and hand with conservatism. It was then that I realized I was a conservative all along and that I would have to defend every policy and moral position I took. Conservatives and conservatism were under assault from the first day I stepped on campus and I promised myself that I would always have the education and research to defend myself and conservatives all across America. I had no idea when I first started college the degree to which the faculty and academia, in general, went to indoctrinate students with the liberal agenda. But through adversity and NeW, I have learned that there are people just like me who instead of tearing me down will stand right beside me in the fight for the future of this great country.

Like our founders, I believe in rugged individualism, personal responsibility, and hard work. I believe in keeping the money I earn, not giving my paychecks away to the government. I am all for giving a hand up not a handout. I am not a victim. I am a conservative Christian who believes in the right to life and the exceptionalism of America. I live in the United States of America where women and anyone for that matter can excel in any field they want to. I find that conservatism empowers not entitles me to achieve my life goals. I believe in freedom; freedom to defend everything that this great country has to offer, the right to bear arms, to free speech, freedom from an overpowering central government, and the freedom of the individual. Because men and women fight for our freedoms every day I can as a conservative woman shatter the stereotypes surrounding conservatism. And that is just what I plan on doing and being a part of NeW has given me the tools to do so.


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