Paige Lisicki

American University

I’ve always been a conservative, I just never knew it. By that I mean, I’ve always had conservative beliefs without knowing they are conservative.

I wasn’t raised in an overly political household. My parents did not shove their beliefs down my throat. Instead, I came to my beliefs through learning experiences and observations. I knew I was a conservative when I received my first paycheck at age 16 and found out the government didn’t think I was smart enough to save for my own retirement and forced me to pay into social security, a failing big government program. And while I knew what I believed in, I didn’t have a name for my political alignment until I found “conservative.” Once I did, I felt secure with my ideology.

I’m a conservative because I love my country and I believe in the American Dream. I believe in the fundamentals our country was founded on. I’m a conservative because big government policies drive the nation further into debt. I’m a conservative because as a woman, I don’t need extra help to achieve my dreams. To me, being a conservative means supporting all citizens. It means holding true to the Constitution. I’m a conservative because the free market is the best form of economy. I’m a conservative and I’m a feminist. Being a conservative means practicing what you preach. I am a conservative women and I’m not an enigma.

I am tired of being told I am wrong and ignorant, of being belittled, and of being bullied by liberals. I am not afraid anymore; I am proud of my political ideology. I am a conservative and this is what a conservative looks like.

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