Angela Morabito

Washington, DC

Conservative women have been some of the most passionate and impactful shapers of American history— and now it’s the Millennial generation’s turn to write the next chapter. I have the privilege of being a voice for young conservatives on Twitter (@Bear2theRight), at Red Alert Politics, and at OUTSET Magazine. The young conservative movement is thriving— and despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, my experience is that the movement is also half female! Conservative women have a diversity of experiences and opinions that makes for a lively (and constant) debate. You’ve got to define what you believe in and be willing to have your ideas tested— there’s no confidence builder quite like it. Political involvement has made me stronger as both a conservative and a woman. The Left talks about women like we need someone to come along and “empower” us, like being born female puts us at a disadvantage in the world. That couldn’t be further from the truth that I, and other conservative ladies, are living out every day. I’m so proud to be part of this inspiring community— and so glad to see this group adding new members every day


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