Tiffany Cahill

Florida Gulf Coast University

When you think of a conservative in today’s world, usually the last age group that would come to mind would be young adults in the United States. That is why I was so happy when I was introduced to the Network of enlightened Women last year. I have grown up in a conservative Christian household my entire life. We went to church and Bible Study, and I even went to a private Christian school for the majority of my life. When I express this to people that I meet, they’re response is normally, “Oh well that makes sense. No wonder you’re a conservative”. What they don’t understand is that a person’s mind can in fact change and views can be switched, especially when entering the world of college. At freshmen orientation, students are assured that there are no political biases in the classroom. And that they will have the right to voice their political and personal opinions without getting penalized or judged by professors. Many quickly come to find that those statements are false. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but it exists.

I am a conservative by choice, not by legacy. I am a conservative because I share the same values that come with the title. I value independence, hard work, faith, earned achievements, and family, just to name a few. I believe in self-reliance rather than government dependence. I want my accomplishments to stem from my doing, not from government handouts. I am a conservative because I understand that nothing is free. I honor the men and women who voluntarily put themselves in danger to protect this country and its citizens. I am a conservative because I firmly believe in our U.S. Constitution and its purpose. I am a conservative because I believe that everyone has the potential to do something great. I believe that everyone has an opportunity to achieve success and flourish. So yes, I am in fact a young adult living in the United States, attending college, and I am a proud conservative.


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