Karma McKinley

Being raised in a conservative household greatly influences my lifestyle. Views on religion, politics, and world topics often dictate conversations. When speaking with friends with different views, we debate about our beliefs openly and try to find common ground in our arguments. Often we stay in disagreement, but sometimes we can understand the other side and think critically about the conversation.
I choose not to rely fully on what I hear and see on television; news channels can often be biased and unhelpful if you are interested in hearing both sides. However, I do enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh. My father always listened to him before I truly understood politics. The show always made me irritable, listening to music on the radio seemed like a better way to wake up on the morning ride to school. Years passed, and I started to listen to points made in arguments and the different events that were going on outside of my small town.
I am proud of being a conservative woman because debating and sharing personal beliefs is important in society and the feeling after finishing an intense debate is rewarding. Nothing feels better than making valid points and convincing someone to think about a topic they have never considered.


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