Lauren Andrews

University of Kentucky

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in history and politics. It wasn’t until high school that I began to truly appreciate the values that our country was founded on and the significance of the events that shape our history. I believe government is most effective when it is small and responsive to the needs of its people. I respect the Constitutional right to freedom of speech, press, and religion. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with someone else’s views, I support their right to express them. This issue has become even more important to me as a college student at a large university. While my conservative views, for the most part, are accepted at my Southern campus, I know that many other conservatives my age aren’t as fortunate. In an age of trigger warnings, the push for designated “free speech” zones, and conservative speakers being blacklisted from college campuses, this issue is especially pertinent. Young conservatives, especially conservative women, need to raise their voices and empower each other to be bold in their beliefs. My involvement in the conservative movement through interning on my favorite candidate’s Senate campaign, attending the NeW Young Women’s Leadership Retreat, and joining political groups on my campus has empowered me to be outspoken in my beliefs and pursue my dreams of a career in law/politics.


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