Clare McKinney

St. Mary’s College

I believe that America is exceptional. Our exceptional nature stems from our God-given rights, unique to the American Constitution. These rights allow for equal opportunity, which is what my immigrant father sought.

My father managed to rise from one duffel bag, into the owner of a flourishing construction company. He inspired me to be a leader in the modern conservative movement, so that I can give others the opportunity to realize their own “American Dream”.

Currently, I am studying political science at Saint Mary’s College with a supplementary major in peace studies from Notre Dame. I am chairwoman of our YAF chapter, through which I have hosted speakers Steve Forbes, Ltc. Allen West, Matt Walsh, and George Harbison. I was most honored to host my personal idol, U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan. I brought Bay to campus as the result of anti-Trump posters threatening violence towards his supporters. Bay is a woman who is unwavering in her convictions and not concerned with what others think of her. In a world where I am all too often told I am “going against my gender” and “anti-woman,” it’s refreshing to have a strong female leader who supports my ideals.

The issue of life is one that both Bay and I are passionate about. I believe human life has intrinsic value and that our society has seemingly forgotten.

Living in the suburbs of Chicago, Black Lives Matter has a large presence. On the BLM website it states they are fighting against the deprivation of their human dignity. If they were truly concerned with the lives of black Americans, they would also be protesting the fact that the CDC and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report from 2011 states for every black American killed by homicide there are nineteen black Americans killed by abortion.

Until our society begins to value all life, at any stage, any race, any gender, we will not be able to move forward as a productive society. I am a conservative woman, because conservatism values life, in all forms.


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