Ivy Khevali

Within a society, there exists a set of beliefs, values, and attitude towards government that direct and oversee how that nation operates and how its people view themselves. These values are determined primarily by our upbringing, where we live, and the people we choose to interact with on a day-to-day basis, alongside our own moral beliefs and religion (or the lack thereof). The political ideology I identify most strongly with has been greatly influenced by my culture as well as my own observations over the years. Identifying as a conservative in layman’s terms often means having traditional (or old-fashioned) views when talking about social issues and advocating more for an individual’s own liberty while limiting what the government can and cannot do.

Conservatism is not just an American ideal or one that is exclusively shared by the supposed caricature the media portrays as older Caucasian males who are least concerned about the average American. This is not an accurate depiction of who a conservative is. Conservatism is for everyone who truly loves liberty and appreciates the freedom they have been blessed with. It is about being pragmatic and not only valuing tradition but esteeming oneself to adhere to moral ethics. Despite not being from the United States, as a resident of this great nation, I still highly respect and believe in the preservation of the values and freedoms bestowed to us all by the writers of the Constitution of the United States

The preamble states that the Constitution’s existence is to “establish Justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…” These are the tenets that conservatism looks to preserve and protect. One amendment where conservatives have actively had to protect and reaffirm several times throughout the two-hundred years of this great country’s existence is the first amendment.

The fundamental right of speech, due process, and even equality are just a few of the liberties that Americans freely enjoy. Benefits most people all over the world could only dream of partaking in. Having come from a country that lacks any of these rights, I hold these fundamental rights close to me. As a conservative woman, I look to protect and fully use my freedom of speech, not to assail anyone who disagrees with my beliefs, but to be able to speak my mind and share my values which are branded as “old fashioned”, and in some circles even criticized as full of hatred.

This is especially true when the proposition to speak about politics is untimely brought forth during family gatherings. Disbelief turns into disdain and loved ones begin to view you as an outsider. How could a woman believe in conservative values? Furthermore, how could a black woman be a conservative? A conservative woman doesn’t see herself as a victim and neither do I. Despite circumstances, I have an equal opportunity like everyone else in America, to rise to the top and become the greatness I want to see in this world.

A conservative woman isn’t afraid to be hurt by another person’s free speech, and though she may disagree, she respects their right to speak their mind. A liberal’s ideology preaches the acceptance of all people except those who have differing views and values. This is outright hypocrisy. The liberal code honors appalling conduct. As a black conservative woman in modern-day America, I recognize the need for transparency and integrity: self-reliance, equality, and fairness in opportunity for all people is what I advocate for. Above all else, I value life, hard work, and the freedoms bestowed to me to make the American Dream a reality.


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