Emma Harrison

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I am from a very conservative, small town in North Carolina. I have always grown up being “conservative,” but never really knew why. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I was really challenged in my beliefs. I remember taking a Poli 101 class on American politics. One of the topics was discussing the relationship between state and local government. It wasn’t until my professor began to discuss the virtues of big government that I began to question what I was being taught and to solidify my ideas. I am a conservative because I believe in the foundations of this country and the protection of the Constitution. America was founded on core principles of morality and freedom. To me, being conservative means protecting the fundamental rights of Americans and protecting the Constitution. I am a conservative because I believe in the rights of the individual to pursue their own entrepreneurial goals, I believe in the morality of the Christian faith, and I believe in the limitation of big government. This has really impacted my life by challenging the thinking of those around me. Attending a liberal university, I am constantly questioned about my beliefs and sometimes am ridiculed. Being a conservative has impacted my life by forcing me to speak out against my challengers and taking a stance for my beliefs. I have grown both in confidence and knowledge through my conservative discovery.


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