NeW Leadership Retreat

Equipping and Empowering NeW Chapter Leaders

The strength of NeW is found in its chapters and leadership, which is YOU! The NeW Leadership Retreat focuses on building community among student leaders from NeW chapters all over the country, so we can learn from each other, share ideas, and build lifelong friendships.

NeW was thrilled to host the 2024 Leadership Retreat in Boston, MA.

This event will include a packed, useful, and inspiring program that will leave attendees more equipped to start the school year stronger and ready for success! 

Chapter Leaders will hear from sensational speakers on how to better articulate conservative principles on campus and learn how to recruit new members, engage existing members, and grow their chapter into a positive community for women. We will also have fun exploring the city through exciting excursions.

This event is only open to our Chapter Leaders.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make new friends, grow in your personal and professional development, and discover how to strengthen and grow your campus chapter. We want this Retreat to help and serve YOU. To learn more about this event, reach out to your Campus Program Coordinator or Alexis Flowers at

All chapter leaders are invited to attend each year, but NeW only provides scholarships for NeW National Members. If you are not a NeW National member already, you can sign up for $5 for the year here.

On the final morning of the 2022 NeW Leadership Retreat, the women gathered in the conference room for breakfast and one final speaker session. The final speaker session was a two-person panel that included Amanda Covo, CEO of Teneo, and Simone Ledeen, Principal at Perimus Consulting, LLC.

During the first weekend in August, motivated women enthusiastic about conservatism from chapters across the country subbed beach time and end-of-summer gatherings to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to attend the NeW Leadership Retreat. Conservative young women had the opportunity to join with like-minded peers from other universities to learn how to successfully lead their chapters

On August 9-11, NeW leaders from all over the country gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the NeW Chapter Leader Retreat. It was an energizing weekend, providing inspiration and practical training for young conservative female leaders. There were representatives from a diverse group of academic institutions including Baylor University, The Catholic University of America, College of


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