Cecilie Stevenson

Merriam Webster dictionary defines proud as “having or displaying excessive self-esteem” or “much-pleased”. I would use this definition to represent my views as a conservative woman. I am PROUD. I am Pleased to be part of those who stand for what is right. I am Ready to stand up for what I believe in. I am Outspoken about my views and why I have them. I am Understanding that others have opinions too, and they are not wrong, just entitled to their own opinion. I am Devoted to the views I have as a conservative woman. I am PROUD.

The speech that influenced me the most in regards to my political beliefs would be Martin Luther King Junior’s speech. While it was not particularly about politics, he was a shining example of how to stand up for what one believes in. He was not swayed in his opinion and did not back down for anyone. That is how I view my opinions as a conservative woman. I believe what I believe and I am ready to stand up for it, back it up, and will not be swayed. Martin Luther King Junior was a great example for me of how to do that in a very outspoken and respectful way. In the current day and age, it is getting harder for conservative women to speak up and have a voice. It is not as easy to just speak your mind and not be challenged. I believe that we need more woman like Rosa Parks and people who are willing like Martin Luther King Junior to stand up for what they believe in and give voice to their values. I am PROUD to be a conservative woman.


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