Jaimie Erker

Colorado Christian University

In 1787, the American Founders created one of the greatest governing documents in the history of the world. Being raised in a conservative home, I grew up admiring the Founders and their dedication to such principles as limited government, separation of powers, and the preservation of our God-given rights. When I entered high school, my conservatism became my own, as I struggled in the public school setting being one of the only conservatives present. It was there I was challenged and my conservative beliefs I had once taken for granted were strengthened. I found within me a desire to spread Constitutional literacy and promote the principles of our American Founding.

I currently attend Colorado Christian University, where I am an active political science and history double major. On my campus and beyond, I strive in my daily life to promote conservative values that are grounded in an original understanding of the Constitution. Conservatism in the U.S. is rooted in the desire to preserve the Founders’ original intent. It is because of my love of America’s past and passion to preserve its principles for the future that I am a proud conservative woman.


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