Stephanie Wallace

In today’s world, the word “conservative” can sometimes have a negative connotation associated with it because of how the differing political agendas are portrayed by the media. Despite what is heard around the world about conservatives, I will stay say that I am a proud, conservative woman, because I persevere.

I am a conservative woman because I know what I want, and I go after it, while keeping the traditions and values that have raised the strong, proud, conservative women in my family near and dear to my heart.

I am a conservative woman because I do my own research. I don’t let my emotions sway my judgement. I dig deep on political and social issues to ensure that I always vote for the candidate that I feel has the best morals and values, and will do right by our great nation.

I am a conservative woman because I am respectful. I not only respect the conservative women who have come before me, but my elders, and the American Constitution.

The speech that has influenced my beliefs the most would have to be Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Republican National Convention in 1976, after he lost the nomination but was unexpectedly invited by Gerald Ford to say a few words. Because this was a sudden invitation, the entirety of the speech was on the spot, and really exhibited Ronald Reagan’s true spirit as a conservative. He began by saying, “There are cynics who say that a party platform is something that no one bothers to read and it doesn’t very often amount to much. Whether it is different this time than it has ever been before, I believe the Republican party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakeable colors with no pale, pastel shades.” The then Governor Reagan went on to speak about what our country would be like in 100 years; would it be one with challenges and freedoms? Would it be one destroyed by nuclear destruction? Would we have lost all of our individual freedoms? He pleads with the audience to go forward united and determined.


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