Marissa Ruiz

Kaua’i Community College

Aloha, my name is Marissa Ruiz from the island of Kaua’i and I am a proud conservative woman. I was raised in a strict Catholic household and from a young age I was always taught to respect myself and work hard and independently for what I want. I always believed that if I don’t respect myself as well as my dreams then why should anybody else? Throughout this essay I will discuss what being a conservative woman has taught me, who my conservative role model is, and an issue that drives me.

Being a conservative woman has really brought my attention to so many things. One aspect of being a conservative woman is presenting yourself well to others. This includes the way one dresses and speaks in public. I’ve learned that not only professional employers but people in general really take individuals more seriously when they put effort into the way they dress and execute proper language and speech. I have always tried to dress in a fashionable, conservative manner because I am still able to express my stylish side but be presentable as well.

Another aspect that I take into consideration when being conservative is the way that I come across on social media. I really make a conscientious effort to not swear or post any personal information on the internet. This is because once you post something on the internet it can never truly be taken back or deleted, especially in today’s day and age. I just really want to keep my personal life private and present myself in a positive manner to others who may not know me personally. This is crucial because one can never know who may be looking at their social media, it could be a future employer and I always want to make a good impression.

The main woman in my life who has taught me to be to be a strong conservative woman is my mom. My mom has instilled in me from a young age to be presentable, strong, independent, and goal oriented. I have watched my mother work so hard in her job from a young age and it motivates me everyday to go after my biggest dreams without hesitation. My mom always dressed me in cute clothes but they were on the conservative side. She taught me that I did not need to be pretentious with clothes or materialistic items because who people are on the inside will always shine outwards no matter what. My mom is actually the person who encouraged me to go into my dream profession of nursing. She taught me from a young age to be humble and to always give back to others. I felt the love and compassion that my mom shows to me and I really wanted to exuberate that compassion to others every day of my life.

I am currently a Certified Nurse Aid, while still studying hard in school towards my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). I work in the Medical Surgical department at Wilcox Memorial Hospital, and have had the opportunity to care for quite a few patients who were unfortunately homeless. An issue that truly drives me is the homeless population on the island of Kaua’i. It is extremely sad to me that so many homeless people wait so long, or don’t even go to the doctor, because they don’t have proper health care. They wait so long that their infections become very hard to cure. If we had more homeless shelters on the island then maybe some of these infections wouldn’t be so bad. Or if the homeless population had better health care, it’s possible that they wouldn’t let their injuries get so infected and come in earlier. I truly enjoy caring for other people and just want the best for everybody.

In conclusion, being a conservative woman makes me so proud because I have learned to be humble and focus on myself and my dreams. Being conservative has created the person I am today. Taking care of people in the hospital brings me so much joy and I don’t think I would be where I am today without the conservative values that my family ingrained in me from a young age. This scholarship would make going to school much more affordable, and I would be able to achieve my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and be able to care for and show compassion to the people of Kaua’i.


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