Siena Shirer

Florida Gulf Coast University

To me, having respect for all others around you is what encompasses a conservative woman. She has a love for her own mind but does not hate the minds of others. She helps others to succeed, and to better themselves, all while building herself to be a woman of a proud, conservative nature. This also brings to a question of what makes me, Siena, a woman of this “conservative nature”, and how do we, as conservative women, shine out in the crown among all other belief systems. The best way I think I can explain this is through the eye of diversity. Diversity brings a lot more to the table, rather than a more unified way of thinking. By respecting others, and showing your concern for other’s actions, it creates a euphoria of proud, conservative women, who “shine like the light from the sun.” –Paolo Valisari (for all my Hillary Duff lovers out there). Being a conservative woman is beautiful. These women have created a life of their own, a life of independence, and a life of inspiring others to do the same, no matter their views of traditionalism.

So, you have learned a little as to how I feel that my upbringing has been a driving force in my traditional thoughts, but what keeps this motive through my adult and college years? My education has always been something very important to me. Being educated is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful things a woman can do, because we have not always had this privilege. I discussed earlier how a conservative woman is respectful of others, but how can we understand other ways of thinking, and other belief systems if we are not educated ourselves? When I push myself to do more, and when I see the advantages of being a conservative woman, I see the impact I can make, as well as the impact the other women of NeW on my campus have made around me. I would have to argue that college is a place of growth and discovery, and through NeW, I have and am still learning to evolve as a conservative woman, but to never forget the expectations to acknowledge the importance of others and their philosophies.

Let’s back up a few steps… how do we learn all things? By observing others, and their actions, we each come up with what we believe to be right and wrong. Through doing this in my own life, I have developed quite a few role models who I look up to, and admire their actions greatly. Some of these women are conservative, some are not; however, I think these diversities have helped me to become an even better woman and learn more to achieve more. One person that really stands out in my mind is Michele Bachmann. She has made a very large impact on some large conservative issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, in her home state, Minnesota, and throughout our entire country. Throughout her career, now as a congresswoman, she has proved herself to be a true leader in the conservative woman’s movement. She has shown respect, intelligence, and dedication in all that she does. One example of this is her actions within the Tea Party movement, which is working to lower our national debt and to lower taxes, by reducing our government spending. This is a conservative movement, to which she has become quite a driving force.

I am proud to be a conservative woman in America because of the individuality it gives me. It helps me to keep my traditional thoughts at heart, but always be open and willing to listen to new ideas. It helps me to better understand cultures other than my own, and to help them to understand mine. We as conservative women dominate and excel in all that we put our passions into. I am so proud to be a part of The Network of Enlightened Women and to be a part of this monumental time for women as a population, and our independence, diversity, and love for others. Together, we can do more, and inspire more to become leaders in our society. We, finally, are growing into a world of understanding others, but never be afraid of who we are. We must defend those who cannot defend themselves, and we must empower them to do so, and that is what makes us women of a conservative nation.


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