Grace Watson

George Washington University

I did not define my political affiliation until my freshman year of college, however, I have held conservative views my whole life. I found myself drawn to the conservative party upon feeling hostility on campus against my Catholic faith, especially following the results of the 2016 presidential election. People wrote off the possibility of a friendship with me solely based on the answer to the question, “Who did you vote for?” Others tried to manipulate my religion and my views into ones of hatred. Both come from a place of wanting to do what’s best for myself, my family, and my country.

Like most families, mine taught me to always do what you can to help others. My father, who served in the military for nine years and is an active member of The Patriot Guard, will forever be the person I look up to most politically. He has such a genuine love for other people and for this country. Upon hearing that I joined conservative organizations on campus, he was so excited. One part of his excitement was that he knew he raised me correctly because I did not turn into a hippie upon moving to college. The other part of his excitement is that he was proud that his ideals rubbed off on me.

I am proud to be labeled as a conservative. Some might associate that label with racists or sexists but I see it very differently. For me, conservatism fundamentally comes from a place of love. The pursuit of freedom and liberty of all citizens is vital to the preservation of autonomy. This view is truly best for every citizen and not just select groups.

Nowadays, when I hear people slander my views, I feel almost sorry for them. They believe conservatives are a group of people filled with hatred, but that does not mean the left side of the spectrum is void of hate. I am a proud conservative women and I am thankful I found organizations that truly accept me.


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