The Gentlemen Showcase

Recognizing Service, Respect, and Kindness since 2010.

Countering the narrative that all men are in need of reform, the 14th Annual Gentlemen Showcase hosted by the Network of enlightened Women celebrates gentlemen across the country.

Through The Gentlemen Showcase, NeW encourages the country to recognize and honor the gentlemen that give back and serve. This program promotes that there are men around us that serve their communities, respect women, and demonstrate kindness to all – admirable traits that deserve to be highlighted. Previous Gentlemen of the Year have been nominated for treating others with kindness and respect from giving up a seat on a bus to standing up for conservative women and intellectual diversity on campus.

Since 2010, this annual contest, sponsored by NeW, has been a way to recognize and honor young gentlemen across the country. The Showcase has been featured by ABC NewsCBS DCNew York PostRed Alert PoliticsThe AtlanticThe College FixThe Washington Examiner, and Townhall.

The 2023 Gentlemen Showcase is now closed. 

The winner will receive the title “Gentleman of the Year,” and he and his nominator will each receive a $500 scholarship and prizes from this year’s generous sponsors. The 2nd place winner will receive the title “Honorable Mention,” and he and his nominator will each receive a $250 scholarship and prizes from this year’s sponsors.

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If you have any questions about The Gentlemen Showcase, please contact Alexis Flowers.

Meet the 2023 Gentlemen Showcase Winners

NeW is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Gentlemen Showcase. The 2023 Gentleman of the Year is David Huston from Tampa, Florida. David is a third-generation Marine veteran serving as Engagement Director for Concerned Veterans for America in the Tampa Bay area. Through his work David focuses on advocating for veterans and making sure those in Congress hear their stories. Read more about David here! 

The 2023 Gentlemen Showcase Honorable Mention is Colin Agostisi from The Catholic University of America. Colin is active in his campus community and involved with student organizations that focus on building community and service. Read more about Colin here! 

Media Highlights of The Gentlemen Showcase

2019 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year, Grant Frazier, and his nominator, Stacey Skankey, were interviewed by AZ Family.

In 2014, Andrea Tantaros mentioned The Gentlemen Showcase on The Five on Fox News in the One More Thing segment.

2023 Gentlemen Showcase Prizes Donated By:

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Past Winners

These are the previous NeW Gentlemen of the Year who exemplify how men should treat women on campus and in their communities.

Riley McCaughn

Grand Canyon University
2022 Gentleman of the Year

Robert Andrews

University of Virginia

2022 Honorable Mention

Reese Dickerhoff

College of Charleston
2021 Gentleman of the Year

Ryan Krawczyk

Stevens Institute of Technology
2021 Honorable Mention

Anders Pierson

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2020 Gentleman of the Year

James Fallon

EF Academy

2020 Honorable Mention

Grant Frazier

Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

2019 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year

Jim Martinson

University of Notre Dame

2019 College Gentleman of the Year

Ethan Van Buskirk

Colorado Christian University
2018 College Gentleman of the Year

Devin Sena

Washington Examiner
2018 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year

Rick El-Rassy

University of Florida
2017 College Gentleman of the Year

Bill Dowhy

Leadership Institute
2017 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year

Andrew Sund

Florida State University
2016 Gentleman of the Year

Brandon Thompson

Cornell University
2015 College Gentleman of the Year

Trevor Pollo

Regent University
2015 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year

Ivan Yim

University of Florida
2014 Gentleman of the Year

Alfonse Muglia

Cornell University
2013 Gentleman of the Year

Jack Loonam

University of Georgia
2012 Gentleman of the Year

Bryant Condrey

Patrick Henry College
2011 Gentleman of the Year

David Diviglio

University of Florida
2010 Gentleman of the Year


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