Tinasiah Mitchell

Temple University

To be a conservative woman is to be of moral values and statue and to be fierce. I acknowledge being a minority in the world of politics. I maintain my grounds, voicing my opinions and never backing down. I value independence, and I empower myself, through a use of being comfortable with who I am as a woman, and all the things that make me different.

I enjoy experiencing life on my own, I wake up and go get what I want, because if I don’t, it won’t be spoon fed to me. I am proud ambitious woman, always having a plan and emotional intuition to rely on to make decisions.

My conservative female role models are Michelle Obama and Beyonce. Michelle Obama is the epitome of being a minority women, who brings a positive impact in the world, and does it in the most respectful and prideful way.

Beyonce also has a great impact on women around the world, allowing them to highlight their beauty and be prideful in our role in the world.

Issues that drive me are the lack of suicide and depression awareness inside of student campuses, where they value counseling as a way to help those mentally hidden disabled students, whereas counseling is typically avoided and those given students suffer alone. People tend to typically deem women as fragile and emotional, whereas sometimes it is actually an illness and women need to seek out support in each other.


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