Alyssa Vento

Mission Veterans Memorial High School

All my life I have grown up in my church with my two parents and an older brother. I have learned to love and appreciate life as it is, because I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. My faith has given me strength the be the lady I am today, I stand tall in my ways and I never let my fear be bigger than my faith.

There are things I see and hear in school that are imbedded into the minds of so many girls. With hatred and bullying surrounding me in my environment has taught me to never give into any temptation. I am still learning many things about life, but I know that I don’t need any man in my life to watch over every step or decision I make. I know that I don’t have to walk around the halls at school and let someone dictate how to live my life or say whats wrong with me. I am proud in who I am and the great future I have ahead of me.

I have always been very fond of Katie Pavlich, she is a strong independent women who advocates for feminists. She is one who is all about tradition and knows how to live for herself and not to please someone else. Katie tries to show other women about how to correctly and properly stand up against those who are putting a wrong flattery imagine of how women should really be. I admire her work and strength to work in a field of just women’s studies. I hope that I can one day make my own accomplishments in life to be who I am and represent the life that every women should be proud of and live.

I’m ready to make my own mark in the world and get my name out there so others can look back and commend the great works of mine and thousands of other beautiful women.


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