Hope Noe

Marian University

Like a majority of Midwesterners, I grew up rather sheltered. I lived in a small, rural town where everyone knew everything about everyone. I was homeschooled for a portion of my life and always went to church on Sundays. So, to say I grew up in a home that was primarily conservative is an understatement. However, my little bubble was popped when my parents divorced and I was put into the public school system. It wasn’t as horrible as I had grown up thinking, but it was definitely a culture shock. As I began to be exposed to the world around me, and more importantly, exposed to people who think differently than I do, I was enthralled with the way people think and why. This led me to initiate a questioning of my own beliefs and morals. I spent countless hours reading, attending conferences, and talking to as many people as I could. My conclusion? I knew I was conservative, but I finally knew WHY! My realization resulted in a new outlook on my beliefs that allowed me to not cower and hide, but instead radiate confidence. My transformation as a young conservative woman has been nothing short of amazing, and I hope to continue learning and growing a little bit each and every day.

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NeW at the University of South Florida marked the start of the spring semester with a dinner social with Alexis Flowers, NeW Director of Programs, on February 19, 2021. The chapter used grant money to purchase items for small gift bags, which included an assortment of Valentine’s Day chocolates and NeW merchandise, to serve as

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NeW at the University of South Carolina Celebrates Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, NeW at the University of South Carolina decorated holiday cookies while talking about public policy on February 11, 2021. Eighteen women from the chapter attended the event, during which they discussed regulations and restrictions implemented upon small businesses across the country during the global coronavirus pandemic. They also examined instances in which

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