Hope Noe

Marian University

Like a majority of Midwesterners, I grew up rather sheltered. I lived in a small, rural town where everyone knew everything about everyone. I was homeschooled for a portion of my life and always went to church on Sundays. So, to say I grew up in a home that was primarily conservative is an understatement. However, my little bubble was popped when my parents divorced and I was put into the public school system. It wasn’t as horrible as I had grown up thinking, but it was definitely a culture shock. As I began to be exposed to the world around me, and more importantly, exposed to people who think differently than I do, I was enthralled with the way people think and why. This led me to initiate a questioning of my own beliefs and morals. I spent countless hours reading, attending conferences, and talking to as many people as I could. My conclusion? I knew I was conservative, but I finally knew WHY! My realization resulted in a new outlook on my beliefs that allowed me to not cower and hide, but instead radiate confidence. My transformation as a young conservative woman has been nothing short of amazing, and I hope to continue learning and growing a little bit each and every day.


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