Savannah Jones

Florida Gulf Coast University

I grew up in a Christian home and even though my parents weren’t into politics as I was growing up, they always instilled the value of respect and love for this amazing country. I was homeschooled until my junior year of high school and was never challenged by other beliefs until I finished my last two years of high school at a college preparatory school. During my senior year, equality and feminism were very hot topics among my class. Even though we all wanted the same goals of equal rights for this country, the other side had ways to reach those goals that I didn’t necessarily agree with. It is disheartening to see how feminism has taken a hard turn to the left and has made conservatives feel excluded. The “modern feminism” movement is something that I never thought I would experience. During that moment, I realized I knew exactly where I stood with my beliefs.

Being a conservative has strengthened me as a woman and especially as a young college student. Network of Enlightened Women has been the positive outlet I’ve been waiting for. NeW has enriched me with a better understanding of what it means to be a conservative woman and how to hold myself accountable on my college campus.


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