Prestin Henze

West Valley High School

Growing up in Idaho made it easy to be a conservative. Many people believe the same way I do and I didn’t hear very much of the liberal side of things. That changed when I moved to Washington state. Suddenly my conservative values were challenged for the first time.

Due to this experience I really learned why I was a proud conservative woman. One of my role models is Nikki Haley, an ambassador for the United States in the UN. The reason I admire her is because she uses her own experiences to make her decisions. She doesn’t let government and wanting to gain popularity change her. She knows what she believes and she’s not going to change.

I also respect Mia Love, a U.S. Representative from Utah. I like her views of politics but I also see what I want to do in my life in how she has ran hers. Just like Love, I want to start small in city councils and then eventually become a member of Congress. She started as a spokesperson and now she is making a huge difference. I want to be like that. I want to make the world and better place and have my own impact. I want to help make my community a better place financially, publicly, and emotionally. I think as a strong, proud, conservative woman I can achieve my goals and become the leader I want to become.

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