Jessica Martinez

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Every individual is unique and capable of doing great things if they choose to do so. I believe every person has potential. I believe in personal responsibility. People should not be permanently dependent on the government in order to be successful. Much of modern liberalism simply encourages people to see themselves as victims, making them run to the government to solve all of their problems. We were all given special talents from our Creator. Why not put them to good use? I believe in freedom. I support limited government. The government should be there only to ensure that we have the freedom to choose where we will invest our abilities. I am a conservative because I care deeply about people. We should empower people to solve their problems, so that they can grow into a better version of themselves.

Above all, I am a Christian who strives to live for my Savior. As I began exploring the left and the right, I saw that being a dedicated liberal forced you to turn a blind eye to people smearing Christian values on a regular basis. I simply could never bring myself to do this. As I began to vocally identify as a conservative, I received several reactions. The comment I remember the most was one I received from an acquaintance–“Being a Latina conservative is like being Jewish and supporting the Nazis.” As a young Latina woman, I was expected to stand firmly on the left side. Why is this the case? People continue to have a negative profile of conservative people, especially conservative women. I have been constantly challenged on my beliefs, but that has only helped me grow stronger, and to become more vocal about my views. Today, I am grateful for my NeW community, and the opportunity they bring to hear the other side that people never like to share.

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