Emmaline Smith

North Carolina State University

I am conservative in my values, and l believe that government intrusion should be kept to a minimum to ensure that we are able to live our lives free and openly, the way that we want to. We should be able to prosper for ourselves through business without being stifled by meaningless regulations.

As a member of the millennial generation, we’re often seen as entitled, lazy, and selfish. As a conservative millennial, I work tirelessly to ensure that narrative is far from the truth. The Left’s interpretation of conservatism might stir up the media, but by working hard and standing strong in my convictions, I’ve broken those stereotypes. Conservatism has been my guiding force in all that I do, including my education and work.

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NeW at the University of Florida Strengthens Bonds With Charcuterie Board Night

NeW at the University of Florida made a point to get together and connect during the anti-social COVID-19 pandemic with a fun charcuterie board night on February 21, 2021. Six women from the chapter gathered at an executive board member’s apartment for an evening of social engagement. The ladies had a great time getting to

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NeW at the University of South Florida Hosts Spring Dinner Social

NeW at the University of South Florida marked the start of the spring semester with a dinner social with Alexis Flowers, NeW Director of Programs, on February 19, 2021. The chapter used grant money to purchase items for small gift bags, which included an assortment of Valentine’s Day chocolates and NeW merchandise, to serve as

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