Hannah Carlson

University of North Dakota

I am a proud, conservative woman not because my parents indoctrinated me with conservative values. My family maintained the position of being independents when I was growing up so I was forced to formulate my own opinions on politics.

It wasn’t until I began college that I even remotely began to look into politics on my own. It was then that I realized I was a conservative, and every day I am challenged in my believes. And I love that challenge. It forces me to know the issues I talk about backwards and forwards. It is because of this that I am able to look my myself in the mirror and know that my beliefs are founded on my research, and on my intellect as an independent free-thinking woman.

One of my role models is Kimberly Corban. She is a survivor of sexual assault and now advocates for gun and survivor rights. Kimberly is not only an inspiration to women everywhere politically but an example of true strength.

I first discovered my role model Carly Fiorina when she was campaigning during the primary. Her poise in the debates and on the campaign while never wavering on her beliefs is so inspirational as an aspiring politician. Her campaign also demonstrated that conservative women are viewed less by the general public than democratic women.

Another role model of mine is Emily O’Brien. She is only 26 and a member of the North Dakota House of Representatives. I was fortunate enough to campaign for her, and when there was legislation concerning students she would talk it through with me. She showed me that with enough determination conservative women can do anything.

There are two issues that drive me in the political work that I do. The first is abortion. This is because I believe that everyone deserves the chance to live. The second issue that drives me the most is gun rights and specifically the rights of students to protect themselves and those around them.


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