Adeline Sandridge

University of Virginia

I first learned about NeW as a senior in high school when my AP United States Government teacher recommended the first annual Young Women’s Leadership Retreat to me. Coming from a rather liberal high school and area of Virginia I thought I would give it a try! During the retreat I made so many great new friends, connected with conservative activists from across the country, and learned how to become a leader in my campus community.

I now serve as the Chairwoman of NeW at the University of Virginia and am proud to represent the founding chapter where NeW first began! As such I am a proud, conservative woman because I believe in the principles that make America strong, like free markets, individual liberty, freedom of speech and expression, and traditional American democracy. The campus environment today is enveloped in liberal coursework, highly opinionated instructors, and a lack of intellectual diversity. However, as a student at Thomas Jefferson’s beloved university it is my duty to stand up and defend the ideas I support, making a voice for me and the often-quieted others who share my similar beliefs. I am a proud, conservative woman because I can be conservative and pro-woman and NeW has given me the tools necessary to become a strong, active leader both on Grounds, in my community, and in my future career.


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