Kalie Whitehall

Venus High School

To be a proud conservative women in today’s majority liberal society, can be challenging. I however, have found a way to be proud of my views. My brain for one, is factually based, and a lot of the conservative ideology is based on fact. The facts presented by the conservative side, are what leads me to be a proud conservative women. I am proud to share the same ideologies that protect the foundation of our great country.This country was founded upon our basic human rights, and the idea of liberty and freedom; which is why I am proud to be on a side that supports and continues to protects these rights. I am also proud to be a conservative women because, it goes against the idea that, all conservatives are white males. It goes to shows, that it’s not this oppressive ideology people think it is. There are many active women on the conservative side, including people like, Sarah Palin and Margret Thatcher.

One fellow female conservative role model I aspire to be is Margret Thatcher. Although from the U.K, she still was a very influential person in the promotion of limited government, and values of freedom.Her ideas are what helped shape the values we have in the United States today. Another conservative women I admire is Tomi Lauren. Her talk shows and arguments, show that anyone can have a voice, and it is possible to combat issues many conservatives face today, with out being a politician. However, with today’s rising society of liberals the conservative side faces many issues.

The issues that concerns and drive me to speak out more, is the fact that in the United States today, more and more people are opting to trample and ignore the basic rights found in the constitution. Part of this issue is due to, the entitled generations of millennials. People now a days expect everything for nothing. It goes back to the participation medal in elementary schools. Society is giving out “awards” to people who don’t necessarily deserve it.

For example, minority groups being more likely to receive things like scholarships and government aid. Instead of those things going to people who work hard, and do what’s requires of them they go to those who are entitled for the sake of “diversity”.The problem with this is that it creates a lazy society;when you have a lazy society, you cannot function properly, due to the fact that, eventually, there will be no one to work and the United States as a whole, will crumble. It is important to prevent this cancerous idea because, our very being cannot survive if nothing is done about this new found “laziness”. The idea of giving out things for free not only creates a lazy society but it violates the basic civil rights of others. People who are unappreciative towards these things being handed to them, drives me to speak out and share my conservative ideologies; whenever something doesn’t go there way they want to blame others.

Because I am absolutely against this form of thinking, it drives me to speak out, share my ideas, and practice my right to free speech regardless of someone trying to trample on my constitutional right.


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