Karly Matthews

Temple University

As I started to get interested in politics during my senior year of high school, I quickly realized that my conservative values were going to be vehemently challenged by my peers. I passionately believe in personal responsibility and fiscal conservatism, and while I am moderate on many social issues, I am undeniably right-of-center. Currently, the conservative movement is branded so poorly on college campuses that young conservative students – especially women – are ridiculed for their beliefs before they can even explain themselves. As conservatives we have to be better at articulating our beliefs in order to prove that we are not bad or even evil. Conversations between the right and left are imperative in order to improve the political climate on both campuses and the country in general. Conservatives are not victims on college campuses, but they do face a unique intellectual challenge, which is why organizations like NeW are so important. By having to defend my views constantly to my peers, I only become stronger and more developed in my ideology, and for that, I’m thankful.


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