Ciara McCance

Hay Springs Public Schools

I am a proud, conservative woman because this characteristic of mine has given me the life that I have today. Even though being conservative in today’s world is not always the popular thing it is what draws good people towards me.

I feel being conservative not only filters troublesome people away, but being proud in it also sets a higher example to everyone around. I could explain multiple times where girls made fun of me because of how I dressed or how I never went to parties, even some guys would call me a prude and no fun. I knew they thought many a times “Who would even want to date her?”, but I knew I was filling my heart with God and I had trust in Him that he would bring the right people to me.

So all these instances and words honestly never got to me or upset me because I was living my life with God in my corner. I knew I was doing the right thing. I didn’t want people wanting to be around me or even just looking at me with wrong intentions and reasons. So being conservative always has paid off for me because I’m surrounded with a whole circle of close friends who follow God with me. One has even become my boyfriend of three years. It’s funny how God works to me, I never doubted Him and trusted Him even when everyone said nobody would like me that way, but now here I stand with a long-term boyfriend who is consistent, forgiving, and truly cares for me. My boyfriend loves me because I wasn’t like the other girls, and day he said I love how you are strong in your faith and don’t care what others think.” I’m grateful that God has given me all these magnificent people in my life and I am proud to be conservative because I know it is what is best for me and what has given me the life I love.

My life is filled with many role models; one of my most important would be my own mother, of course she is the one who taught how to be and who I am today. I also look up to Star Parker as one of my other role models. What fascinates me most about her is that she had to fight to get to where she is. At one point in her life she was a single mother in Los Angeles who was on welfare, but before that she was raised in a nonreligious home. To me this is far more important because her religion wasn’t pushed on her she chose to reform her life at a young age and commit to Christ. She was not entitled to become the president and founder of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, otherwise known as CURE, but she didn’t let her situation cripple her own life. She even went further and wrote two books. Their mission of CURE is to address the problems of culture, race and poverty from a Christian conservative perspective. I think she is a great role model because she had hardships that were forced upon her and she still overcame to become the successful women she is today and still is living a life through Christ.

At the same time our world will always have issues because there is and always will be sin in it. The big issue where I live that drives me is that so many people think it’s acceptable to live a life of want and not by God. Majority of the girls at my school won’t hold themselves to higher standards, this issue worries me because now it is more common to be promiscuous and have no morals. That’s why so many people made fun of me. It sadness me seeing so many beautiful and powerful girls who don’t understand the potential they could have. I have talked to a few; some asked me how I can be so happy, others I have asked them because I was curious why they kept choosing that path because I can see it hurts them. Every girl I talk to feels like after she made a couple of wrong decisions they couldn’t go back and fix it. This issues disturbers me because our society today only tears girls down and only wants them if they are very attractive. I choose to be a confident, conservative, and kind person to be a physical role model to everyone around me and show them you have the power to change your own life. I know it is easy to make many bad choices in life and that should not be held against anyone, and that it’s only one decision to commit to God that can turn anyone’s life back around. So in the end, I think one by one if we all change our own morals and live a life for God and grow stronger in our faith, society will change with us.


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