What the Media is Saying About NeW


“NeW gives hope to the future of the party allowing women to realize feminism and female empowerment is in “doing” and not complaining about what is being done to women.” 

“The conservative women involved in NeW are fighting for feminism. They want to fight for equality and empower women while realizing that women are still biologically different from men.”

-Megan Maxey, Townhall

“The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) is hoping to change some of the stereotypes surrounding conservatives and show young women that they aren’t alone with the launch of their #ShesConservative social media campaign.”

-Meghan Keenan, Red Alert Politics

“[Karin’s] efforts have since spurred numerous branches of the Network of Enlightened Women on college campuses across the country.”

-Kristen Soltis Anderson, The Washington Examiner

“The women of NeW deserve to be lauded for their courage. At an age when most young people simply want to fit in, these women are willing to stand up and stand out.”

– Melissa Braunstein, The Federalist

“These women are driven, vocal, informed, and rational. They are the young protectors of free speech, intellectual diversity, and healthy debate. Despite all the attempts by the Left to stop it, they are proud to be conservative.”

-Paige Lisiki, Red Alert Politics

“My hope is that these young conservative women who take part in ShesConservative will feel empowered to express themselves openly and proudly. That’s what true feminism looks like to me.”

-Carrie Sheffield, Opportunity Lives

“As a member of NeW, I can be both pro-woman and conservative. I’m proud to be who I am, standing for what I believe in, and refusing to let anybody stop me from publicly advocating for what I believe is right. As a young conservative, I want to promote diversity of opinion—which starts by redefining the right.”

– Rebecca Malone, Campus Reform

“Since I’ve found NeW I know that I have people who back me up. I call them closeted Republicans. I feel like I could be much more vocal on campus because I know there are other people on campus who feel the same way but are equally as afraid to speak out as I once was. It is important to me to tell people that I am a Republican and that I am not a sexist, bigot, or any other rude term because of that fact.”

-Sarah Dezelin, The College Fix


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