Ruth Ann Barger

University of Alabama

While growing up in the deep south, I was raised with many conservative ideals. I was taught from a young age about individual empowerment and traditional American values, and I continue to hold each close to my heart. I am most proud to be a conservative because, although I was raised in an environment in which conservatism is common, I feel as though I have grown both politically and personally through these values. I form many aspects of my life around these political views and try to be the best American citizen possible. Regardless of how I was raised, I appreciate an environment in which I can develop my own political views. Organizations such as NeW have helped me develop this strong base of values that I plan to take with me through life and stand up for as a proud conservative.

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2018 National Conference Travel Scholarships Now Open

NeW is happy to announce that the travel scholarship application for the 2018 National Conference is now open! The 2018 NeW National Conference will be held June 21-23 in Washington, DC at the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship! Featuring a keynote conversation, multiple panel discussions, and one-on-one interviews, the...

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Interview with a Gentleman: Chandler Thornton

The Gentlemen Showcase is LIVE and we took a few minutes to interview a young gentleman, Chandler Thornton. Chandler Thornton is the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (“CRNC”)…Originally from Frederick, Maryland, Chandler is a graduate of American University, where he earned a Master of Public Administration degree with concentrations in public management...

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