Student Media Fellowship

Want to find out more about what it takes to be in the media? Are you looking to improve your writing or get experience interviewing on radio or television?

Started in 2019, the NeW Student Media Fellowship is an opportunity to learn how to excel in media interviews, write an article for publication, and potentially do a live radio or TV interview.

During the 4-month semester-long program, you will not only get hands-on experience, but you will get individual personalized training and coaching from Karin Lips, President of NeW, and Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager for NeW, who together bring years of experience in writing, pitching, and interviewing.

The fellowship is designed to give you training that can help you in your career and is not taught in the classroom.

“I feel as if I’ve really sharpened my perspective of how to write an op-ed through the NeW Student Media Fellowship, especially coming from an academic background that isn’t communications or journalism based.” – Jamie LeVie, Spring 2020 Student Media Fellow

Fellows have gone on to get jobs and internships in the media, at Fox News, The Federalist, and The Daily Signal, as well as communications positions on high level political campaigns.

Here are three articles by past fellows:

Where Are The Conservative Women In Hollywood?
Leave the politics out of children’s board games
Conservative women vote too

The fellowship is offered twice a year during the fall semester (August-December) and spring semester (January-May).

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Fellows in the Media

Student Media Fellows have been published in The Daily Wire, The Detroit News, Waco Tribune-Herald, and North Jersey Record and have been interviewed on EWTN News Nightly.


Where Are The Conservative Women In Hollywood? by Jordan Davidson

This piece was originally published in The Daily Wire on November 24, 2019. “The Hunt”, a film about a group of people who are kidnapped and hunted by rich liberal “elites” for fun, made headlines as debate broke out over the decision to delay its release. The delay, Universal said, was deemed the most appropriate action after mass shootings in El

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Leave the politics out of children’s board games by Gabrielle Picard

This piece was originally published in The Detroit News on January 1, 2020. Last week, as children tore into their Christmas presents, some young girls may have received the new game by Hasbro, Ms. Monopoly. On the box, in the place of the traditional monocled Mr. Monopoly, the game features a brunette Ms. Monopoly with a slogan

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“Much of America reeling not from pandemic but crazy ‘infodemic’” by Jamie LeVie

This piece was originally published in the Waco Tribune-Herald on May 23, 2020. COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, has propelled the nation into a state of panic. When the outbreak first occurred, the narrative perpetuated by the media assumed apocalyptic levels. From food and toilet-paper shortages caused by people raiding stores for supplies

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