Alyssa Bawcom

J R Arnold High School

What does it mean to be conservative? Our dictionaries tell us that being conservative means “holding on to ones traditional values” and “being adverse to change”. Some may think of me as “old fashioned”, but I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. I have no issue with what I consider “a growing change”, such as technology and procedural change, but I see no reason to rewrite our Constitution. I am a proud conservative woman!

Some of my conservative female role models would have to be Laura Ingraham, Carly Fiorina, Monica Crowley and Kimberly Guifoyle, but Condoleezza Rice would have to be my top conservative female role model. I am a planner and appreciate advanced preparation. Rice’s views on counter-terrorism were “preventative”. She wanted to ensure the safety of our nation. Rice also believed that the separate intelligence agencies of the United States should utilize their individual team talents to obtain information and then work together, sharing this information to form the best plan in reaching their goal. I agree with this. Each agency has its own special function and value; therefore, may be able to get more intel in specific situations. By working together and sharing the intel, we get the best situational views of the issue. When it comes to abortion, I also share Rice’s beliefs. I believe in parental choice, but am strongly against late term abortions. I have respect for human life and feel that this procedure should be a last recourse of action. I also do not believe that the government should be responsible for the funding of this act. In recent news, Rice explained her negative views on the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials, by arguing that by “forgetting” history may cause it to be repeated. I feel that our history is what makes us who we are today. We have learned from it and to remove it as though it never occurred, is an act of ignorance.

I am a southern Caucasian woman who has been raised to believe in our constitution, look past the color of another person’s skin and follow the laws laid out for me. Some of the issues that “drive” me are gun control, the healthcare system and immigration.

I agree with the old saying that “guns do not kill people, people kill people”. It is important to me that my Second Amendment be maintained. There will always be good and bad people in this world. Since I am a law abiding citizen, removing the right to bare arms will only keep me from having the ability to protect myself, while the individuals actually performing the harm with guns will continue to carry and commit heinous acts.

As for the healthcare system, I believe that it can be repaired. By promoting competition between the pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies, pricing will be reduced. A cap could be placed on the dollar value of damages that are awarded in the court systems, which would cause a reduction in the expenses for pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies. This reduction in expense would persuade these companies to lower pricing, making purchases more affordable to the public. I believe that a government controlled insurance program will lead to substandard healthcare and a vast reduction of necessary medical testing.

Immigration…wow. Where do I start? The United States has always been known as the “melting pot” as far as citizen adversity is concerned. We offer freedom of speech, freedom of religion and we welcome new people with open arms. We only ask that you enter our country legally. I don’t believe this is asking too much. Our “citizens by birth” are registered in this country when they are born, by having state issued birth certificates, and federal government issued social security numbers. Our rights and wrongs are documented throughout our life by the use of state issued identification cards. Why should this be different for immigrants? It shouldn’t. The United States needs border controls and if this means building a wall, then bring on the construction crews.

I realize that some of my conservative views are very strong, but when it comes to my country, my passion rings through. I am proud to be an American woman and I choose to be conservative.


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