Lisette Zaragoza

Lamar State College-Port Arthur

A woman is somebody who is strong, somebody who is fierce and against the world. What makes me a conservative woman, is I am true to my tradition. As a young lady coming from a Mexican household, our traditions are strong. I love my culture, the people and the life style. I am proud of who I am because for that, I will never change myself.

I get my moral values from a certain role model of mine. That person is my grandma. She came from a family who was poor, who had to work very hard to get further in life. But despite where she came from, she still remained true to her self. She better herself by becoming who she wanted to be. Herself. With use of tradition, she bettered herself.

In summary, she never let her roots go. No matter how bad she struggled, she still was who she was and I want to become like her. Some issues that drive me are rarely any. I try to push the negative aside and just be optimistic about everything.

Therefore, I am that conservative woman, because of my own self.


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