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NeW provides unique opportunities for women to learn and reflect on their conservative values. We do this through courses that teach women about how conservative policies empower them as well as programs and contests that challenge women to write opinion pieces about what they believe in. Learn more about these opportunities that NeW provides for women and how you can get involved.

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Apply to participate in this exclusive three-month Honors Course to learn how conservative policies benefit women and advocate for Opportunity Feminism, a new brand of feminism which seeks to maximize freedom for women to build the lives they want. By becoming more educated on conservative public policy proposals, you will leave prepared to confidently speak

Last year marked several historic moments for women, particularly conservative women, and NeW has been proud to celebrate that this year with our campaign The Year of the Conservative Woman. As part of this campaign, we were thrilled to host our annual NeW Essay Contest. In April 2021, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) Essay


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