Chandler Thornton

Chandler deserves to win this showcase because he is a dedicated leader who does not back away from tough challenges. His leadership style is a unique one, where he makes every member of his team feel valued. During his campaign for CRNC Chairman, Chandler traveled the country and talked with College Republican leaders from coast […]

Ben Rajadurai

I have had the pleasure to work with Ben throughout college as part of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans and now again, working together for the Massachusetts State Legislature. Ben is someone who is not only a dedicated friend but an overall good person who goes out of his way to make sure that […]

Scott Scharl

Scott is one of those rare people who are simultaneously confident, full of big dreams, and humble and servant-minded. He manages to combine the Aristotelian virtue of magnanimity (always pushing himself to be better and dream bigger) with the Christian virtue of humility (striving to honor and lift up others) into what I believe is […]

Brian Miller

Brian is an accomplished author and speaker regarding the rights protected by the United States Constitution. At his day job, as Director of Legal and Public Affairs at the Center for Individual Rights, he was a part of the team that represented Rebecca Friedrichs in her march to the United States Supreme Court in order […]

Michael Small

Michael and I got to know each other in law school, and he became like the brother I never had. He has been always willing to listen; always willing to talk through any life issues; and always willing to be there for a friend. Michael is fiercely loyal to those close to him and will […]

Eric Nielsen

Eric Nielsen deserves to win the Gentleman Showcase because he is the most caring, kind person I know. And while you may be tempted to discount my words since I’m his wife, hear me out. Eric is a rare gentleman, not only because of the way he treats me, but also because of how he […]

Peter Garlick

Peter is a man of many hats (literally and figuratively!) He built his 1st race car at age 22, traveling the country driving an 86′ rig from race to race. He mastered all nighters, getting through race day then driving nonstop to get home in time to fix his family breakfast (Seriously, the next 5 […]

Aaron Minshall

Aaron Minshall is a man who seeks to make a difference in his community and works to help the world through his scientific endeavors. Currently, Aaron utilizes his Masters degree in cellular molecular biology at Kaligia Biosciences; his work involves the development of a blood glucose monitoring device that will help people with diabetes. Aaron’s […]

Devin Sena

Devin constantly goes out of his way for other people – friends and strangers. He is the most chivalrous, kind, and respectful man I know. He is passionate about his Faith and has worked extremely hard to try and change the culture surrounding abortion. He fights for women and for babies!

Wesley Power

Wesley Vaun Power, My Gentleman because not only does he open doors and treat me with the utmost respect, he is a true devoted patriot. Originally from the State of California, Wes currently serves in the United States Marine Corps and is stationed in Washington D.C. Not only does he deserve to be NeW’s Gentleman […]