Peter is a man of many hats (literally and figuratively!)
He built his 1st race car at age 22, traveling the country driving an 86′ rig from race to race. He mastered all nighters, getting through race day then driving nonstop to get home in time to fix his family breakfast (Seriously, the next 5 star restaurant owner!)
It is rare to find him fancy. But always dressed to the nines for the occasion, shirt always tucked.
He is always intentionally learning new things. He is a conversationalist with his wealth of knowledge; and always the best listener. You name it, he has mastered it, from midwifing for his 2nd son’s speedy arrival, to building his own house, excavating, diesel mechanics, welding, farming, managing equine facility, and being the best dad and husband. If he hasn’t yet, it’s on his list of new things to accomplish. Everything he puts his hands to is done to the best of his ability, holding himself and others to a higher standard.
He is the first to give up his seat and the last through any door.
He’ll be the first to tell you he is rough around the edges; old fashioned with a side of modern where it counts.
He takes pride in raising 5 citizens of his ol’ USofA with his WFL (????‍♀️Wife for life, he is stuck with me!)
He has spent his life sacrificing for those around him, never asking for anything in return.
Currently, he is travelling Virginia in his service truck, being the change he wants to see everyday.
Always making today a success for a brighter tomorrow.
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