Aaron Minshall is a man who seeks to make a difference in his community and works to help the world through his scientific endeavors. Currently, Aaron utilizes his Masters degree in cellular molecular biology at Kaligia Biosciences; his work involves the development of a blood glucose monitoring device that will help people with diabetes. Aaron’s ultimate career goal is to earn his PHD in genetics and work to ensure a higher quality of life and standard of living for people. Not only does Aaron want to make a difference in his career, he is a Godly man and holds strong conservative values that includes support of the Constitution, smaller government, and support of the family unit. In addition, Aaron is very chivalrous and kind, someone who cares deeply about others and strives to discover how he can help them through his work. Aaron is a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend, Kaitlyn, and treats her with patience, respect, and compassion. He exemplifies the qualities of a true gentleman, one who strives to make the world a better place politically, scientifically, religiously, and socially.