Scott Sargent

Scott is a true gentleman! He is such a thoughtful husband, always looking to show me his love and kindness by randomly bringing me flowers, writing sweet love letters, and surprising me with fun, adventurous trips together! He takes care of me when I’m sick, comforted me in his arms when we lost our first […]

Elijah Swick

My brother Elijah has always been a hard worker with a brilliant mind. He made the (somewhat risky) decision to invest time and energy into opening a coffee shop with his friends, rather than/before going to college. He is now Head Roaster at a very successful coffee shop and supplier called Peaks Coffee Co. in […]

Asher Allman

Asher is a gentleman, scholar, and true conservative. Asher recently graduated from Missouri State University with his Master’s of Global Studies. He then went to work on Republican campaigns in a leadership position for the Missouri Hosue Republican Campaign Committee. Shortly after the 2016 elections in Missouri, Asher relocated to Washington, DC where he now […]

Byron Thomas

He is the most charming glass of sweet tea you will ever meet.

Michael Onyemelukwe

Michael is a remarkable gentleman that possesses outstanding selfless leadership characteristics that makes him a leader that others love to follow. Michael is a true gentleman that ascribes to the motto of putting others ahead of himself. He is very caring and spends time with those often overlooked. I met him after he graduated from […]

Lucas Hartman

My now husband loves people more than he does himself. He goes above and beyond to make the outcasts feel included, and treats everyone like they are valued. He puts his needs last and is a strong leader. He personally supports me everyday, as we both work full-time and I have been pursuing nursing. I […]

Joshua Thifault

Josh is a true patriot and has done so much for the youth conservative movement and conservative women.

Thomas Hern

-THE Thomas Hern -In charge of TPUSA -Role Model -Capitalism trainer

Tyler Yaldo

He empowers women and makes them feel special.

Michael Pannell

The first person that comes to my mind when I think of the word gentlemen is Michael Alexander Pannell. The definition of a gentlemen is a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. No three words could describe Michael any better. Michael is studying to become an Occupational Therapist at The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Occupational […]