My brother Elijah has always been a hard worker with a brilliant mind. He made the (somewhat risky) decision to invest time and energy into opening a coffee shop with his friends, rather than/before going to college. He is now Head Roaster at a very successful coffee shop and supplier called Peaks Coffee Co. in Nelson, Upstate NY. He’s been to numerous coffee conventions as a guest, listens to podcasts on the science, philosophy, and market of the coffee business in all of his free time, and was just featured on a panel of speakers at a coffee convention in Rochester, NY. In addition to his diligence and love of his work, he has a girlfriend whom he treats so well. She is strong and independent, Yet he knows how to care for her. He brings her ice cream, is a shoulder to cry on when she’s depressed, and knows when to give her space. It’s very encouraging to see my little brother go from the chubby boy I played with in the backyard to a man who is kind and gentle, yet strong and courageous at the same time.