Michael is a remarkable gentleman that possesses outstanding selfless leadership characteristics that makes him a leader that others love to follow. Michael is a true gentleman that ascribes to the motto of putting others ahead of himself. He is very caring and spends time with those often overlooked. I met him after he graduated from the Leadership Institute’s YLS and was offered a youth director role on the Hill.
At an event recently, I was fortunately around where I was privy to a conversation. I have never heard a man speak so passionately and deeply from the heart about issues that foster and support a positive image of women.
He is an extremely busy professional with his work, and yet he is very generous with time spent on helping give to others or to make others better. He is extremely pleasant to be around, I have seen people gravitate to Michael because he is affable, tactful, confident, humble, and honest and makes people feel important and really good about themselves. He is intelligent, he was accepted into a program at Harvard Business School and juggles classwork with his profession, extracurricular activities, and leads several local non-profit groups where he commits tremendous amount of time and effort and is very successful at each of the facets of his life.
He focuses on helping embolden young women to be strong, smart and bold through Girls Inc. in DC. He is calm, responsible and composed at all times I have ever seen him. He is well presented, with strong morals and core beliefs and is not afraid to say and act in accordance with it, yet he is respectful of others opinions.