Scott is a true gentleman! He is such a thoughtful husband, always looking to show me his love and kindness by randomly bringing me flowers, writing sweet love letters, and surprising me with fun, adventurous trips together! He takes care of me when I’m sick, comforted me in his arms when we lost our first baby, and is an encourager even when the world is full of negativity.He is faithful to me and to God, and leads our family spiritually.
He is respectful to everyone he meets and is an honest listener to anyone going through hard times. He leads a group of young adults in a book study every week, and I love seeing us learn together as a team! Scott is amazing at making people feel valued, and is especially talented at working with kids, like those in the Curiousity Machine program (an engineering class in schools).
Scott has taken weeks of time off to serve those both near and far who are in poverty, traveling to El Salvador, the southside of Chicago, the refugee community in Louisville, and here locally in Columbus with New Song Mission.
Watching Scott become a father to our daughter, Selah, was an incredible blessing. He is so patient and caring with her, and she adores her daddy!
At work, Scott solves real world problems and works with his team to go beyond what is expected of him, working hard to provide a secure life for our family.
It’s a rare thing to see a man who is both strong in his morals and convictions while still being so kind and gentle to both children and adults. I love and respect Scott. He is the ideal gentleman to me!