Finding Faith-Based Community in College

As a recent graduate from Texas Tech University, I have been reflecting on my time in college and the connections I made there. What impacted my experience away from home at a four-year university? Undoubtedly, the number one factor driving my success in college was obedience to God and fellowship with other Christians.   In You’re […]

Email Etiquette (and Other Other Unspoken Rules of the Workplace)

A wise person once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” While this might not seem like groundbreaking wisdom, the concept has always stuck with me. It’s encouraged me to ask questions and not to make assumptions about what others may know (or not know). In the spirit of that advice, I compiled a […]

Impactful Internships: How to Make Yourself Stand Out

Internships can significantly affect your career opportunities and help your resume become more well-rounded before applying for a full-time position. We sat down with Breda Brosey, chapter leader at NeW at The Catholic University of America, to get her tips on how to be a standout intern! Read on to hear about her experience as […]

Technology Tips to Maximize Efficiency at Work

It’s Professional Development Week at the Network of enlightened Women, and we are sharing our tips to help you excel, whether you are starting your career journey or looking to improve your workflow.  Utilizing technology can help you stay on track and organized regarding your work and personal goals. Here are some of our best […]

Patti’s Pearls of Wisdom – Five Lessons Learned (the Hard Way) at My First Job 

Ah, the first job—a monumental step where we transition from students to active contributors to society. Reflecting on my journey, which wasn’t without its fair share of missteps (recall my stint as what could be humorously termed the world’s most challenged Hill intern), I’ve gleaned a few pearls of wisdom. Here’s what the now slightly […]

Patti’s Pearls of Wisdom – Navigating Rejection with Grace and Gumption 

Navigating the tumultuous waters of the job search as a young professional woman can be an exhilarating and, at times, deeply frustrating experience. The excitement of opportunity often tangles with the disappointment of rejection that can cause even the most confident woman to doubt herself.  But let’s be clear, the job hunt takes grit. It’s […]

Patti’s Pearls of Wisdom – How Can I Turn my Senior Year Internship into a Job?

So, you’re about to take the leap from the cozy college bubble into the wild world of work, and you’ve snagged yourself an internship in your senior year? Bravo! The next step is to turn that trial run into a full-blown, paycheck-earning gig. Throughout my career, I’ve seen many interns successfully secure a job from […]