Finding Faith-Based Community in College

As a recent graduate from Texas Tech University, I have been reflecting on my time in college and the connections I made there. What impacted my experience away from home at a four-year university? Undoubtedly, the number one factor driving my success in college was obedience to God and fellowship with other Christians.  

In You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College, I shared some of my experiences finding a faith-based community in college. As I said in the book, I consider myself a Christian before being a conservative. My belief in the Bible and the Christian worldview drives my conservative principles and lifestyle. I graduated high school knowing that whether or not I stayed connected to the Church would heavily impact my college years and beyond, so I made the conscious decision to find a church home and make Christian friends. I did this by using my network! I asked mentors from home and family in my soon-to-be new town for local church recommendations and campus ministries.    

What if you do not have a network of believers who can help you find faith-based communities in college? Thankfully, the internet is of some help when locating local churches and college ministries. On many college campuses, local churches have college ministries set up as student organizations through the university, so check your student involvement website and social media accounts for your options. Attending organization fairs at the beginning of each semester can help you find Christian groups on campus! Even if you do not end up loving one specific group, connecting with one Church or program also gives you access to their connections. My friends and I “church shopped” for the first couple weeks of freshman year, visiting several Sunday services and college gatherings.   

Once we found a good fit, we got plugged in. I attended weekly services and college small groups and eventually began serving on the worship team and in the student ministry. Serving in your local Church not only builds community but opens up opportunities to develop your skills and give back to the community. My first internship experience was through my Church. This opportunity also allowed me to develop my relationship with Christ, which was pivotal for my professional development.  

If you are alone in this pursuit, you won’t be for long! Remember that in a college town, many people arrive at gatherings, even church gatherings, alone and looking for community, just like you. One thing I love about NeW is the opportunity to connect with other conservative women. Often, many of these women are Christians as well. They may be part of a different denomination or at a different stage in their walk with Christ, but this offers a chance to support and challenge each other to embrace conservative viewpoints and Christian beliefs, too!

Do not hesitate to ask the women in your school’s NeW chapter to try a new church or Christian group with you. This could be a great way to build a supportive community for college and beyond, so do not miss out.   

If you want to read more about my story and the stories of other college women, check out You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College. When you read the guide, you will hear from dozens of real women who have experienced college as a conservative. You can do this, and you are not alone.    

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 

This blog was written by Jaycee Tyler, NeW Campus Program Associate, Texas Tech Alumna, and You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College featured student.



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