The Best and Worst Moments of ‘Barbie’

Division and polarization have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Infighting can occur even among those who have many of the same worldviews, such as church congregations or political parties. In 2023 it appears that the cause of recent division within the conservative movement is none other than…the Barbie […]

The Rolling Stone Hit Piece Proves Evie Magazine is Doing Something Right

Rolling Stone recently published an expose piece headlined, “This Women’s Mag Is Like a Gen Z ‘Cosmo’ for the Far Right”, painting a picture of Evie Magazine being a concerning and problematic website for promoting a more conservative worldview. The piece describes the magazine as “spreading their message in a semi-deceptive way” and criticizes the […]

Boycotting Target? Shop These Conservative Brands Instead

With companies like Target pushing leftist ideologies down the throats of consumers, it is hard to shop for everyday items without encountering progressive politics. It is even harder to find brands that both align with conservative values as well as fit within a college budget. Our team did the research and has rounded up a […]

Carleton College Blog: My Favorite Convo

This blog post originally appeared on Carleton College’s Admissions Website on April 9, 2019. The piece is written by Lucas Demetriades regarding the recent speech given by Karin Lips, President of NeW, as the weekly convocation speaker at Carleton College. My Favorite Convo I’ve written about Carleton’s convos before, but for those who don’t know, they’re basically weekly […]

Friday Feminist Fail: Boy Moms Edition

I saw this headline on Twitter, “Why has Feminism Affected the Mother-son Bond? You’re a feminist. You’re pregnant. It’s a boy. What next?” Really, the answer is obvious. You celebrate the upcoming birth of your child and raise your child the best you can. As to feminism, you teach your child to respect men and […]

Feminist Fail: Elle Magazine, Iceland and Equal Pay

Elle magazine wins the feminist fail this week for its piece headlined, “Iceland Just Made It Illegal To Pay Men More Than Women.” The first sentence of the article states: “As of 1 January, it is illegal to pay men more than women in Iceland.” In fact, paying women less for the same work has […]